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Portion Distortion


Have you ever gone out to eat at a restaurant and been amazed with how little food you receive?

Chances are, you said yes.

Additional thoughts regarding the amount of food include: “Am I still going to be hungry after I eat this?”, “I can get so much more food if I go to this other place.”, or “Man, I’m getting ripped off!”.

Over the years, we have slowly added calories to our daily diets. One of the major culprits of this weight gain is attributed to larger portions. This ingenious marketing tool by our restaurant industry has shaped our idea of what a real serving size is supposed to look like. Today’s serving size can be more than triple what the USDA recommends, which in turn has become the new normal. Eating a little extra doesn’t sound like a bad idea… until you realize how a “little” can add up. For example, an extra 25 M&M’s or 13 Lay’s potato chips each day can amount to a 10lb weight gain over the course of a year. So next time you go to your local watering hole, become a little familiar with some tips and tools to help you monitor your serving intake.

To help you create a healthy and balanced meal with the right portions, remember these visuals:


One of the biggest tips for going out to eat is to ask for a to-go container as soon as you receive your meal. Cut the portion in half, and place it in the container. Now you have successfully reduced your portion size, saved hundred’s of calories and have a meal for leftovers!