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Wintertime Fitness


Bundle up
A warm jacket, a hat, a scarf, mittens and boots can go a long way on a cold winter day or evening. If you bundle up when you venture outside, you may find that you enjoy out door activity more than you thought you would. Be sure to watch out for ice. Wearing proper foot wear is essential to avoiding a slip: boots with good grip and rubber soles can help you keep you from doing that ungraceful and potentially dangerous face plant into the snow bank.

Savor the season
You can make wintertime walking fun. During the holiday season you can stroll around the neighborhood admiring Christmas decorations and festive lights. If you are adventurous, get a group together and do some Christmas caroling.

Head indoors
Have a gym membership? If so, the frostier months are a great time to use it. No membership, no problem! Many people head to indoor shopping malls, or other indoor public areas where you can cover a lot of ground, to do their daily exercise when the temperature drops below 32 degrees.

Embrace winter sports
Always admired figure skaters as they pirouetted around the ice? Have fond memories of tobogganing down the local hill as a child? Curious about Nordic (cross-country) skiing? Love fishing but never tried ice fishing? Ever gone snow-shoeing? Get back into a sport you enjoyed as a child, or start something new. Check out skating classes for adults at your local arena, or consider winter sports equipment like a sled or cross-country skis as family Christmas gifts.

Get creative
Snow and ice can be a major hassle, but they can also be tons of fun! Get outside and build a snow fort, or snow castle! Let your imagination soar in an icy winter wonderland. Build a snowman for every member of the family; don’t forget to include the family pet!