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Weight-Loss Setbacks: Why They Happen & Tactics for Prevention

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Weight loss is a journey. Even though the path to your goals may be clear, weight-loss setbacks can occur. With obstacles it’s crucial to know why they happen, how to deal with them, and how to get your weight loss back on track. With help from the Lap-Band®, you can overcome obstructions and live the healthy life you deserve.

Why Weight-Loss Setbacks Happen

Weight-loss setbacks are common for people trying to lose weight. According to research, most people will have one sometime after six months of continuous weight loss, and they can occur for multiple reasons:

  • Excessive fatigue from extended periods of weight loss
  • Increased stress and subsequent stress-eating
  • Inadequate sleep leading to hormonal imbalance
  • Failure to work out or vary your workouts
  • Refusing to monitor your progress and appreciate your achievements

Don’t worry if your reason wasn’t listed above. You can identify your own reasons by examining your lifestyle and mindset both before and after the setback occurred. After identifying the problem, you can implement a strategy to get back on track.

Getting Weight Loss Back on Track

Next, you’ll next need a strategy to overcome your triggers. There are many methods to continue towards your weight-loss goals, but these are some of the most effective:

  • Avoid food or motivation triggers
  • Take steps to work through your triggers and negate them
  • Recommit to your goals
  • Rely on support from a professional

Overcoming a weight-loss setback can seem daunting. To develop and implement a strategy, it can be helpful to rely on a team of professionals. The Lap-Band Program doesn’t leave you to fend for yourself; instead, you can depend on a group that helps you reintroduce healthy diet and exercise habits.

The Lap-Band Program not only provides expertise to help you get back on track but also avoids setbacks in the first place. The fully adjustable, removable gastric band is a sustainable method for losing weight.

Gradual and sustainable weight loss allows you to avoid the major setbacks of weight loss, but if they do occur, you can rely on support from weight loss experts with years of experience. To learn more about Lap-Band, and how Illinois Bariatric Center can assist you, visit our page.