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The Importance of a Weight Loss Support System

The Importance of a Weight Loss Support System

Psychological obstacles can be a detriment to your success. Studies show that a strong support system will positively contribute to long-term health goals. Having a support system with you every step of the way will help you work through any obstacles that may come your way. Let’s discuss the three forms of support: emotional, inspiring, and practical.


You may feel down and discouraged on your weight loss journey. It’s a difficult process and you may experience many emotional highs and lows. You may tell yourself you aren’t good enough or that you don’t deserve to lose weight. It’s important to have an emotional support system during these times. They will help you see more clearly and stop being so hard on yourself.


Do you have weight loss role models? If you have friends or family members that you admire because of the way they fearlessly conquer their fitness and health goals, they can serve as great inspirational support. They can help motivate you to continue on your journey even when it gets tough. They might provide support by heading to the gym with you or talking about your goals with you.


Practical support is important, because it will allow you to carry out your weight loss goals. They will help you eat healthy and complete regular workouts. Perhaps they will give you recipes for healthy meals, watch your children so you can exercise, or drive you to the gym.

Building a Support Team

Be upfront with your friends and family about the kind of support you need. They should be aware of your goals and they should back you 100%. Someone that encourages unhealthy behaviors, whether it is asking you to skip workouts repeatedly or encouraging poor eating habits, is not a person you should have on your team. Understand that support is about give and take. If you can’t also support someone with their health goals, they may struggle to provide you the support you also desire. Rely on one another to balance out strengths and weaknesses.

Remember, your support system can’t be there for you if you don’t let them know you need help. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your support team and your community when you find yourself struggling on your weight loss journey.