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Liver Diseases and Comorbidity Conditions in Obese Individuals

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It is common knowledge that carrying extra weight can have adverse effects on your health. Some of the common health issues include diabetes and heart disease, but are you familiar with other obesity-related comorbidities?

One such common issue that those suffering from obesity can develop is Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – or NAFLD.

What is NAFLD?

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease can refer to many conditions of the liver. These conditions apply to people who drink little to no alcohol, but still see multiple symptoms associated with reduced liver function. The cause of NAFLD is too much fat stored in the liver. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is on the rise in the US and is also one of the most prevalent obesity comorbidities.

If left unchecked, NAFLD can progress to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)—a more aggressive form of liver disease. You’ll find both NAFLD and NASH among those with metabolic syndrome and other metabolic disorders, who can experience liver failure due to prolonged buildup of fat in the liver cells.

Common Liver Disease Symptoms

It can be difficult to tell if you have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or to decide if you should seek the help of a professional. NAFLD does not usually cause symptoms, but when it does, patients often experience general fatigue and pain in the upper right abdomen.

When NAFLD advances to NASH, more symptoms will develop. People may experience abdominal swelling, enlarged blood vessels beneath the skin, red palms, or yellow skin resulting from jaundice.

If any of these symptoms develop, it is best to immediately seek the help of a doctor. Your doctor can recommend a variety of treatments to reduce your likelihood of liver failure.

How Bariatric Surgery Can Help

NAFLD is common among those with obesity. This metabolic disorder can be reversed if you act quickly and correct the amount of fat being stored in your liver. If you’re exploring ways to reduce your weight and avoid NASH, there’s no better bariatric solution than the Lap-Band® program, which can help you recover and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Our Lap-Band program relies on a minimally invasive, fully adjustable, and removable solution for obese individuals. Contact us to get started on your journey to weight-loss now.