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Bariatric Surgery Myths Debunked

It should come as no surprise that there are many myths about bariatric surgery. Medical procedures can often incite fear from people even if they’ve never experienced them. With enough misinformation, you can even render a very safe procedure like bariatric surgery into something completely different. In this blog, we’d like to explore some of these bariatric surgery myths and debunk them.  

Bariatric Surgery Myth: Pregnancy

One of the common myths about bariatric surgery is that you will be unable to get pregnant after bariatric surgery. This stems from a common misunderstanding. For the first two years after surgery, patients are cautioned to avoid getting pregnant. This is because patients need to be focused on weight loss. During pregnancy, the opposite is true. Expecting mothers need a higher caloric intake to maintain a healthy pregnancy. But this does not affect your ability to get pregnant. In fact, losing weight is very beneficial for fertility in both men and women.

Bariatric Surgery Myth: Skin Removal

Another myth about bariatric surgery has surfaced regarding skin removal surgery. The myth states that skin removal is required after weight loss surgery. This is in fact a myth. The real answer is much less satisfying. 

The reality is that it depends heavily on your circumstances. Some people do not require skin removal. The amount of weight lost, the age of the patient, level of abdominal exercise, and genetics all play a part in skin elasticity. But because of how often patients have the procedure, a myth has developed surrounding skin removal. 

Bariatric Surgery Myth: Safety and Side Effects

The most common myth we hear from concerned patients regards their own safety. Even though bariatric surgery is one of the safest procedures, one of the common bariatric surgery myths is that the process is dangerous and leads to many side effects. 

This isn’t true. Bariatric surgery, especially with recent advancements in technology is one of the safest procedures a person can have. There can be some side effects after the procedure, but they are rare and vary depending on a person’s circumstances. 

Separating Fact and Fiction

It’s easy to believe myths. They are often frightening, especially for people considering bariatric surgery. But the reality is that many of these are not true. We encourage you to talk to a doctor about any concerns you have so your worries can be addressed. Even if you have special circumstances, a talented team of medical professionals can work with you to accomplish your goals. For any questions, feel free to contact us now.